Stems Wedding Styles

Garden Style

Sun kissed fresh and delicate flowers in bright summery colors, casually designed will be the finishing touch to your outdoor garden or meadow wedding. Evergreen is home to many beautiful outdoor wedding venues, from the beautiful Evergreen Lake as the background or deep in the beautiful pines. I love to design flowers using local and seasonal flowers, herbs, twigs and foliages and with a just picked feel.

Natural and Organic Style

A wedding that is inspired by nature. You prefer a loose and informal combination of flowers, foliages, branches and pods. I can blend the colors and textures of nature with creative imagination and make the perfect wedding bouquets just for you.

Ooh La La Style

Deep, rich and lush colors fuse together for a breathtaking intense feeling. Use of fresh cut blossoms in rich reds and burgundy, or shades of deep purples, or burnt orange and reds. Or, maybe a design that is just a little bit different with a subtle edge to represent your personality and style.

Romantic Style

Beautiful, fragrant and poetic blooms combined and designed to stir the romance of the day. Old fashioned, yet sophisticated roses, orchids, lilies and hydrangea reflect the intimacy of the day.

Simple Style

Your wedding can be extremely beautiful using a simple understated design of flowers. Designs with all of the same flower or monochromatic colors will evoke a stunning impact on your special day. If designed well, a single flower can be presented as an artful and stunning piece of art.